The Evan Roberts Institute is a registered charity, established in 2013 primarily to safeguard sites of religious and spiritual significance in Wales, especially those associated with shaping  Welsh culture and national identity.

The Story So Far 

The charity's first major project was to purchase and secure the future of Pisgah Chapel, near Swansea, which had been earmarked for demolition.  It was fitting that the Institute's first project was to protect a building so closely associated with the revivalist Evan Roberts. Built in 1895 and located in Roberts' hometown of Loughor, the Chapel was a place which saw a great deal of the revivalist's ministry and was a major centre of the Welsh revival of 1904.

Future Plans

The Institute is actively engaged with a number of Christian denominations which are helping to identify other nationally significant sites at risk and is developing a programme of engagement internationally to inform churches and individuals overseas of our aim to protect Welsh Christian heritage and to raise finances for future projects.

Links are also being sought with theological colleges in the hope that the Institute can offer its support and expertise in enhancing the education of their learners in relation to Welsh Christian heritage. A programme of lectures at events and churches is also planned.

The work of the Institute is helping to protect Welsh Christian heritage for future generations and to improve the knowledge and understanding of its national and international significance.

Evan Roberts

The great Welsh revivalist Evan Roberts, who was an instrument used by God in the last nationwide revival in Wales in 1904, was the inspiration for the establishment of the Institute which bears his name. His life and work had a remarkable and global impact which put Wales on the centre stage of Christianity and gave it a special place in the history of the Church worldwide.